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About J. Cody's Steaks and Barbeque

J. Cody's is a little different than most steak and BBQ eateries. Most great steak and barbeque places are well known for either serving great steaks or great barbeque but not both. J. Cody's serves both tender juicy steaks and mouth watering smoked barbeque.

There's no secret to J. Cody's great tastes. We use a little bit of salt, pepper and garlic and a whole lot of mesquite. Most steak houses cook on gas with either a char broiler or flat grill (kind of like a big skillet). J. Cody's steaks are cooked straight over a mesquite fire right before your very own eyes. There is no comparison between gas to the flavor that mesquite imparts to the meat. Other steak houses use gas as it is a simple and easy way to prepare steaks and easy to clean up. J. Cody's goes to great lengths just to cook a steak worth eating. We do it the old fashioned way; we have to feed the fire regularly keeping it burning throughout the day. We use a couple cords of mesquite every week in the process and have to clean our grill and hood 3 to 4 times more often than a gas grill and hood just to serve you a great tasting mesquite grilled steak. We also smoke our barbeque with mesquite creating a flavor unlike any other in town.

J. Cody's also brings the whole dining experience to you in a little different way with you ordering your meat choice at the counter and filling up on sides and homemade bread at the vegetable buffet. Going away hungry at J. Cody's could only be considered the customer's own fault, not to mention an insult to J. Cody himself.

First time patrons to J. Cody's may be somewhat confused upon entering the front door. If you're not immediately greeted upon entering, hang a right and go to the counter to order from our menu on the wall first. If you're ordering a barbeque plate, you'll select your meat choice, then we'll bring it to you on a plate which you will then take to the buffet to load up on all you can eat veggies and our baked fresh daily homemade bread and cornbread. Be sure and try our corn; it's our customer's favorite!

While you're waitin' help yourself to something to drink. We serve fresh brewed sweet tea along with unsweet tea and soft drinks. That's if you haven't already grabbed an ice cold long neck at the counter.

If you're interested in a mesquite grilled steak (our specialty), make your selection at the counter along with your choice of baked potato or fries. We'll give you a couple of side bowls to try out our buffet while you're waitin' on your steak to be grilled. We suggest a rib eye as we buy good quality beef and age it to provide you with one of the most tender, juiciest steaks you'll ever eat.

Come check out J. Cody's; we're expectin' you.

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